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CHARM GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

So my Etsy shop has been relaunched. I will be adding new stuff every week and I’m always open to suggestions for things you guys would want int he shop! I’m also open for custom charm/button commissions. Feel free to send me an ask for details. Once again my shop is here.

To celebrate I will be doing charm giveaway to FIVE random people who reblog/share this post! There are five charm sets shown above. Winners will be able to pick one of those sets as long as it hasn’t been claimed first. If you are chosen to win you must list your set choice in order of favorite. I will pick a winner at the end of the month!

Also my girlfriend has just launched her Etsy as well!!!!! Her shop is HERE.

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Link The "death" of 2D Animation


You know what I”m getting really tired of hearing?

How 2D animation is dying. It’s dead. oh no, we have to save it from never existing again!

Guys, no. 2D animation is fine. Just because Disney isn’t making 2D features anymore or the Saturday Morning cartoon blocks have dried up doesn’t mean the…

I think I agree and disagree with this. On one hand, yes 2D animation is moving in different directions. But if you live in America and you are watching potential jobs jumping borders/oceans, it can be very hard to chase that. It costs a lot of money to adapt. Also the lack of consistent work in animation if you are looking for studio work hurts a lot as well. You work for 5 months then get laid off for 7? That doesn’t work. Especially in an industry that is 90% focused on making money(it’s a business of course) and already undervalues talent/workers. Animation has definitely made a jump to the web and has been growing but I feel like it may be a little too soon to truly call that format a success? Maybe in a couple years? There are definitely some inspirational breakouts in the format though and I do think that’s the direction creators are being pushed to move if they choose not to globe trot for work. I won’t say 2D is dead but there are a lot of obstacles that make people feel as if it is. Like the whole outsourcing thing where you have countries like India, Korea, Japan, Canada, etc. working on shows for America. But the flow of work only goes one way mostly due to different living circumstances in those countries that allow them to underbid American studios. There’s a lot to think about but I agree we need to do whatever it takes to stay afloat because whining will get us nothing in the end. Oh, and as far as 2D features goes, mehhh. Maybe it’s good that we take a break from them, who knows their may be another Renaissance. The last couple haven’t been so great from what I can remember here in America. Sometimes you need to take breaks and come back to things, start fresh.